Sport Academies & Coaches


Our online schooling solution may be the answer for sport clubs, academies and coaches who are looking for an alternative yet flexible and adaptable schooling solution for their students in high school.

High school students who want to pursue a career in sports will benefit from an online solution that can adapt to their training schedules, competitions and championships while pursuing a high school education that can be recognized wherever they go.

Benefits to this solution:
• Flexible learning
• Study at a suitable pace
• Unlimited views of pre-recorded videos
• Live lessons are recorded to watch at a later stage
• Detailed reporting on academics
• Extra support from our teachers and counsellors
• Access additional resources such as lesson and past papers
• Free access to extramural short courses

If you would like to find out more on how your sports club or academy can become affiliated with BOHE, then click here to email us and a consultant will get back to you shortly.