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Introduction to Music Composition & Production with Ableton

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This three-month course will turn any learner into a highly skilled music producer. The course teaches the fundamental principles of modern electronic music production. Students will learn how to compose, record, edit, arrange, produce, and even perform electronic music live using Ableton, the global leader in music production software.   

What is the Purpose of the Short Learning Programme?

Soul Candi and Boston Online Home Education in conjunction with the acclaimed software from Ableton designed revolutionary new short modules that cover all the introductory skills associated with digital music composition, production and performance. The audio and multimedia industries are growing faster than ever, grossing billions of dollars a year, with new opportunities emerging within multimedia sound design, game audio design, the DJ industry, as well as production and live performing. This unique SLP seamlessly integrates modern music composition with all the latest digital music production and performance techniques currently used by some of the world’s best hit-making studios and producers. This three-month, highly focused and dynamic SLP provides you with the skills to thrive as an electronic music producer, performer, remixer and composer, and also equips you with the knowledge to enter careers in composing for films, adverts and multimedia applications. The Short Learning Programme provides exciting career opportunities in the fields of digital music and music business, for example:

 - Remixer, producer, live artist
 - Film score composer 
 - Sound and music design for games, TV, film and other multimedia applications 
 - Record producer 
 - Beat maker 
- Song writer and composer for hip hop, house, electronic music and modern pop music.    

What are the Short Learning Programme Outcomes? 

On completion of the SLP, graduates will have the necessary knowledge and practical skills required to: 

 - Compose and write songs for modern digital music of all styles – from new age pop, hip hop, to house, techno and beyond. 

 - Produce music from scratch – including drum programming, synthesis, sampling and skills required to make a song from scratch for release, using nothing more than a computer and some basic hardware and software. 

 - Develop an understanding of the underlying principles and concepts relating to all aspects of modern digital music production – with a focus on beginner and intermediate electronic music programming, arrangement and performance. 

 - Demonstrate knowledge of music theory and the fundamental ability to play scales, chords, and chord progressions, in as far as they apply to modern digital music production .

 - Demonstrate the ability to utilise the following Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) – Ableton Live 10 Suite. 

 - Apply techniques for sound design. 

 - Apply audio engineering fundamentals such as mixing, mastering, gain structure and effects processing as they apply to modern digital and electronic music production.  

What do I require to pass a Module?

Learners will need a full participation in all course activities in order to successfully complete the course. All activities contribute to the overall success for the learner.  

There are hundreds of music production courses available online, why choose this one?

This course is unique in many ways: 

  It was developed and created by an expert in music production education, Ryan Murgatroyd, who has more than 18 years’ experience as a composer, producer, music educator and theorist. 

 - Ryan draws on the experience of over 100 releases of his own, multiple number ones in South Africa under his ‘Crazy White Boy' alias and continued recognition as South Africa’s premiere underground electronic music producer. 

 - He has also worked with internationally acclaimed artists such as Black Coffee, Lane 8, Super Flu, Nora En Pure, and record labels such as Get Physical, Defected Records and Anjuna Deep to name a few. 

 - Moreover, this course is uniquely written for modern styles and doesn't have any of the old school, expensive approaches to making music.

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