Students with Learning Difficulties


Over the years we have witnessed that students register with our online schooling solution for the following reasons:
• Anxiety
• Bulling
• Autism
• Disabilities
• Going through treatment

We are constantly researching and implementing solutions/interventions to ensure that our pedagogy, teaching methodology and eco-system is inclusive, supportive and user friendly for learners with learning difficulties and that are not suitable for traditional/mainstream schooling.

We do not advocate to be specialists in these complex and sensitive fields as our focus is core curriculum, however, over time we are constantly making enhancements/changes to the way in which we teach core curriculum with the ultimate objective of ensuring a holistic and inclusive online environment.
What do we mean by holistic education?

We want to invest in the child as a whole by providing them with an education that is interactive, well organised and structured while having the support of a Boston Online Home Education (BOHE) educational therapist of their choice that will continually assess their academic progress with their personal progress in the one-on-one therapy sessions.

Expert mentors are on standby to ensure personal attention to guide and assist each learner. Students also have the advantage to go at their own pace, with diagnostic technology pinpointing what a learner knows and where there are gaps (versus getting lost in the classroom because of feeling uncomfortable to ask questions). Student progress is also monitored through a range of formal and informal assessments, facilitating detailed feedback to learners and parents, enabling relevant academic intervention throughout the learning process.

What are the benefits of holistic schooling with BOHE? Students get to:
• Go through the content at their own pace
• Rewatch pre-recorded videos as much as they want
• Receive combined detailed reporting on academics and personal progress
• Watch the live lesson recordings in case they missed a class
• Get extra support from our teachers if they are struggling to understand certain concepts
• Attempt the quizzes until they get everything right – see where they went wrong
• Access additional resources such as lesson and past papers
• Get free access to extramural short courses

To find out more about our holistic offering for learners with learning difficulties, then click here and a consultant will contact you shortly.