full or supplementary schooling 


From homeschool students to students attending a traditional school, students can enroll for subjects either as a full schooling solution or as a supplement to their current schooling. Students can choose the subjects they love and are best at and are able to work at their own pace on the Boston Online Home Education (BOHE) platform. The platform allows students to access their online content and utilize live interactive classes as extra support.

What are the benefits of supplementary schooling with BOHE? Students get to:

• Go through the content at their own pace
• Rewatch pre-recorded videos as much as they want
• Watch the live lesson recordings in case they missed a class
• Receive detailed reporting on academics
• Get extra support from our teachers if they are struggling to understand certain concepts
• Attempt the quizzes until they get everything right – see where they went wrong
• Access additional resources such as lesson and past papers
• Get free access to extramural short courses

If you are interested in registering for certain subjects for supplementary schooling, then click here and a consultant will contact you shortly.