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Long before a person stands up and presents a speech to an audience, or decides to take part in a debate, there are many psychological and social influences at play. To begin, a person might have to self-reflect and ascertain whether this is a choice of action, and if so, where to begin. For many, presentations are a daunting experience. It takes confidence and resolve to stand up and speak in front of an audience. Those who make the decision to do so, should be commended for their courage and commitment to pursuing a goal.   

This course attempts to assist all aspirant public speakers and debaters in their journey to success, right from the very beginning with the Master Class on Self-awareness. Before the process of writing a speech, potential speakers should hone their writing skills in alignment with the purpose of the speech and the recipient audience. This is covered in the Effective Writing Master Class. Being part of a debating team means that people need to relate to one another with friendliness and politeness. The Relationship Skills and Effective Communication Master Classes give valuable insight into others and how to relate to them with ease and assertiveness. Part of effective communication is active listening, which is covered in the Active Listening Master Class. Language is dynamic and words have power, not only in terms of connotations and nuances, but in terms of their ability to persuade and influence others. The Persuasion Psychology and Power of Speech Master Classes delve into these qualities of language and possibly reinforce the aspirant public speakers and debaters’ decision to refine and develop their presentation competencies.   

The Oral Speeches and Debating Skills Master Classes give details of the requirements of both presentation categories. These Master Classes give an overview of each mode of presentation but also detailed specifics, for example, the use of key cards and projection of voice. The final Master Class, Positive Thinking and Goal Setting has been included to encourage speakers to remain enthusiastic and committed to their decision to pursue their aims with determination and purpose.   

 - Self-reflection
 - Effective writing skills
 - Positive relationship skills
 - Effective communication to achieve a purpose
 - Active listening
 - Awareness of the power of speech and language
 - How to present an effective speech with confidence
 - How to debate with insight and self-assurance
 - Set and commit to achieving goals

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