CSI Foundations


Boston Online Home Education welcomes CSI Foundations to partner with us in providing students with bursaries and sponsorships who want to complete their secondary education with the flexibility of our online learning solution.

Our goal with our various secondary education offerings along with our focus on SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) is to fully prepare students for life, university studies and the future workplace. We believe that in bringing Cambridge awards to learners in the online modality, we are demonstrating our commitment to building human capital around the world.

We aim to develop skills and future-readiness through a holistic curriculum of academic excellence, offering learners the opportunity to enjoy a high school online environment while preparing them for a successful and fulfilling future.

Expert mentors are on standby to ensure personal attention to guide and assist each learner. Students also have the advantage to go at their own pace, with diagnostic technology pinpointing what a learner knows and where there are gaps (versus getting lost in the classroom because of feeling uncomfortable to ask questions). Student progress is also monitored through a range of formal and informal assessments, facilitating detailed feedback to learners and parents, enabling relevant academic intervention throughout the learning process.

Benefits of partnering with us:
• Partner with a Cambridge associate
• Over 30 years’ experience in the education sector
• Students receive a holistic education
• Students can study towards a globally recognized secondary education
• Our offering incorporates critical thinking skills and social and emotional learning

Join us and become part of our journey in equipping young learners with a world-class and internationally recognized education. Click here to email us and a consultant will contact you shortly..