clinics, therapists and psychologists 


Expert centres and clinics, therapists, psychologists and SEN advocates who are dealing with learners who are not suitable for traditional schooling as a result of autism, bullying, ADHD and anxiety etc. might adopt our platform and online solution to support their clients.

Over the years we have witnessed that students register for our online solution for the following reasons:
• Anxiety
• Bulling
• Autism
• Disabilities
• Going through treatment

With our existing student base across multiple different countries, we have designed the pedagogy, methodology and structure to be such that it is user friendly, supportive and takes cognizance of these specific scenarios. We are constantly receiving feedback and guidance from our educational therapists, students and parent body as to how to continue enhancing our platform, teaching, and learning.

We have been working in conjunction with multiple different educational therapists/SEN advocates to produce a unique financial model for the therapists/SEN advocates.

We want to invest in the child as a whole by providing them with an education that is interactive, well organised and structured while having the support of a Boston Online Home Education (BOHE) educational therapist of their choice that will continually assess their academic progress with their personal progress in the one-on-one therapy sessions.

Benefits to the learning centre/therapist:
• Learning centres/therapists can pull detailed reporting on each student’s academics and combine the data with reporting on personal therapy sessions
• Receive ongoing support and training from the BOHE team
• The opportunity to earn additional income whether it be passive or active income
• Therapists can encourage their clients to work at a pace more suitable to their needs

If you or your learning centre would like to find out more on how you can become affiliated with BOHE, then click here to email us and a consultant will get back to your shortly.