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Boston Online Home Education (BOHE) is giving Learners from any school the opportunity to take part in our World-Class Chess Club. Unlike the conventional approach to extra-curricular activities offered in physical schools, we at BOHE view our Chess Programme as an additional subject, where learners can learn life skills that set them apart.

The BOHE Chess Club offers learners more than just Chess lessons. Chess has been recognised as a sport by the International Olympic Committee since 2000. At BOHE we see Chess as an opportunity to provide an activity that is not only interactive and fun but also develops Learners’ cognitive abilities.

 - The ability to improve memory
 - Concentration and attention
 - Strategic thinking
 - Improve brain function and mental exercises
 - Social Skills
 - Problem solving
 - Ability to plan strategically
 - Develop time and spatial awareness

Learners can develop their social skills, while connecting with fellow Chess Club Members from the comfort of their homes: How?

When you sign-up to take part in our Chess Club you unlock access to our world-class online learning platform where you’ll be able to find chess lessons and games, take part in live-lessons and play against your fellow Chess Club members.

What skills are covered?

 - Explanation of each chess piece and their movement around the chess board
 - Strategic opening moves
 - Game analysis and planning
 - Time management

What practice and experience will students receive?

Education is our top-priority. Our chess practices and lessons are after school hours and don’t interfere with class times. Chess Club members are able to chat and stay in touch on our online forum - this way we emphasis the social dynamic of chess by allowing students to share skills and techniques and build relationships with other learners. Learners that join can play against their fellow school mates in the chess club.

What about Chess Competitions?

What about Chess Competitions?
 - We hold regular competitions against other clubs that Chess Club members can take part in.

To learn more and access the Chess platform, please click here.